Good News/Guerilla Poetics Project

08 Apr

Good news first–nothing to do with writing. I officially lost 20 pounds, had a small wardrobe malfunction at work & officially needed to buy new clothes that fit. The good news? I don’t look fat anymore! Still have in the neighborhood of 15 more pounds to lose, but so happy!

I talked about broadsides last week, and the site I am about to share with you is a great way to pay-it-forward with poetry broadsides! The Guerilla Poetics Project has various broadsides for purchase (Very reasonably priced. I purchased 30 for $7.50US.) and the idea is to covertly smuggle them into library books, restaurants, subways, coffee shops, etc. The nifty thing is that the person who discovers the poetry broadside can register it online, and you can track how many of your broadsides were found & appreciated!



The idea behind this project is to ensure poetry’s place in history. People are forgetting the classics, and society’s interest in poetry is fading. It’s been said that poetry is such a hard sell, it’s nearly impossible to give away. As a lover of poetry, I want to make sure that it isn’t a dying art form and I’m more than willing to be that hippie dork girl who stands on a street corner giving away peace, love & beautiful words.


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