Visual Journals Need Visual Edits

22 Aug

Great points, all of them. I’ll be creating an art journal to give to my senior as a Christmas gift…I’m a little bit nervous because I want to put a lot of thought into it, yet I want it to look effortless and spontaneous. But…this is the first “shared” visual journal I’ll be creating, and I want it to be very special.


She handed me her journal–pages splashed with color, thick with found items and inserts. “What do you think?” she asked eagerly.  Tough question to answer. It doesn’t matter what I think if she is satisfied. If she likes her work, if she found meaning in the activity or the result, then my opinion has no importance.

A journal, like a suitcase, can be over-packed. At that point, it's not luggage, it's baggage. A journal, like a suitcase, can be over-packed. At that point, it’s not luggage, it’s baggage.

In another way, I’d like to know why she’s asking the question. Is this the art journal equivalent of “Do these pants make my tuchus look fat?” Is she asking for praise in a hidden way? Is she looking for suggestions? Approval?

I turned the pages of the journal. I’d heard of the technique–do anything. Some pages were sewn chaotically, combining junk mail and lace, tulle and magazine pages. The bobbin thread had become confused with the different…

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2 responses to “Visual Journals Need Visual Edits

  1. QuinnCreative

    August 22, 2014 at 3:51 pm

    Thanks for passing it on. I’m glad you thought it worth-while.

    • Cheri Nordstrom

      August 24, 2014 at 8:39 am

      Thanks for taking the time to reply. 🙂 My own personal journal is a mishmash of everything (including shopping lists!), and it’s where I experiment with the ideas and techniques I hope will work in her journal so it is a bit haphazard.

      For my senior, I am calling her journal, “Peace, Love & Butterflies” because she loves butterflies & it’s how I sign a lot of my correspondence to her. I’ve written a lot of poetry I hope to include and I just hope I can pull it all together in time for Christmas!!

      Thanks for sharing your creativity with everyone on the blogosphere. I really enjoy your posts!


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