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So, I have been busy. Submitting! Reclaiming old hard drives & finding out if I had any diamonds in the rough. I had a couple. Here’s one:

imageIt’s 10 years old, or so. Corel Draw–remember that program? It was powerful for its day.

Here’s another easy peasy envelope idea–just use decorative tape (Washi, Duct, etc…this example is duct tape–there is a bonus kitty in there, too! That’s Poco, our crazy old man kitty. He’s super imagesweet, though.)

Working on a new poetry project. Hoping to get it mostly first draft ready before NaNoWriMo begins, because I have a really cool adventure-fantasy novel in mind to write for November. I’m still not as far along with idea generating as I am in a normal year, but I have main characters fleshed out, some secondary characters and I know the general theme of the story. I still don’t have an ending in mind, which is somewhat troublesome, but…I think the story will be a TON of fun to write, and maybe I don’t have to have everything laid out beforehand. Maybe the ending will write itself once I get involved in the story. I am trying not to be too worried. I call myself a “pantser” because I don’t use a formal outline. I think though that I AM actually an outliner, only I keep it up in my head until it’s time to write. My brain has taken so many hits this year, I’m a little (lot) worried about relying on my memory these days. I really need to start writing all of my ideas down, so I can reference (and not forget) them.

I have let go of a couple of worries (mostly) so my head has not been as bad as it was earlier in the summer. We visited my Bebecita & her fiance this past weekend in Indianapolis. Had a great time! I miss my baby girl, though. 😦 We saw Oklahoma! at Beef & Boards which is one of our favorite Indy hangouts. Unfortunately, it was the weakest performance we’ve ever seen at Beef & Boards and also the weakest performance of Oklahoma! 😦 We were so disappointed, we left at intermission. We did get a birthday cake for the Bebecita, though! She’ll be 24 this Friday. So hard to believe!

Hubs and I also celebrated our anniversary this past Friday. #16 married and #21 since we met & started dating. His friend was in town from Texas, so we hung out with him for a while. Had dinner at one of our favorite restaurants. No disappointment there–the food was AMAZING! Hubs even danced with me, which was fun. We’ve been so busy lately, though, that we came home and CRASHED. So much work, it’s crazy.

Speaking of work…I have some to do tonight, so I need to jet–but I’m overdue on an update!






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Sidewalk Poetry Event

Here are some of my offerings for the Sidewalk Poetry event at I Know You Like a Book from 6-7pm tonight in Peoria Heights. The flip side of the palm card is information about PeoWrimos, my writers’ group! Come read your poetry, or enjoy the words of others.

image image image image


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Easy Ways to Make Envelopes Fun

I’m an avid letter writer. I “adopted” a senior in Florida whom I adore. I have pen pals. I write to friends who’ve moved away. I send cards.

I love mail! I’ve gotten to the point where I almost feel like sending a letter in a plain white envelope is sending my child off to school naked!

Maybe that’s a slight exaggeration.

I’m not an artist, but I love and appreciate little details. Here are three examples of very easy (and inexpensive) ideas you can use today to send your correspondence slightly less naked!

image(From bottom to top:)

1. Colored chalks. You can even use sidewalk chalks, but be aware that the cheaper chalks will rub off more easily when going through the postal machines. I take a cotton ball and using the lighter color first (in this example, yellow) I dab patches of color all over the front and back of the envelope. Then I dab the second color in the spaces in between. I shake off the excess chalk and carefully blend, so the colors form a soft bond, and it almost gives it a tie-dyed effect.

2. Purchased envelopes from dollar stores. I found these cute envelopes in a package of twelve for just $1US. If you hunt around in nearby bins, sometimes you might find matching stationery, as well.

3. Sharpie squiggle art! Who doesn’t love sharpie art, and it makes a bold impression. I obviously had to use an address label, but this envelope was so much fun to make, I will be making more!

If you’re in a hurry, even just adding a cute sticker, a doodle or a funny quote can add charm to your correspondence.

image I’ve gotten away from writing letters as I’ve been dealing with illness. I’ve missed it. I know when we move (especially if we move to another country) this will become an integral part of my life. I’m on a mission to make it more routine again. To pick up from where I left off on the 100 Haikus Project.

To send bad art with reckless abandon, but heartfelt intentions!

Happy Day!

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books quote by king

What’s your favorite book, and why? Mine is and probably always will be A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. It’s my favorite because I identified strongly with Meg, the main character at a time in junior high when I was ridiculed by my peers for my intelligence, awkwardness & whatever else they could find to pick on. Meg was my kindred spirit, and in her character, I found myself. A good book can do this for you. By the way, here’s an interesting timeline I found on the history of books.

The ballade originated in France and is a strictly rhymed and metered poem that has my little pea brain boggled on how to explain it, so click the handy link above. Here are some examples of ballades to help your comprehension (and mine!). Now that I’ve learned about the ballade, I think I will have to try writing one for myself. How are you celebrating this B day of National Poetry Month?

Beat Movement & Its Poetry: This Bohemian style of writing influenced a generation of non-conformists in the 1960s. It is the poetry I’m most comfortable with & I’d love to see a revival at spoken word & open mic events–I’ve even tried to recreate that vibe when I perform my own pieces at such gatherings. This style of poetry was meant to bring the art of poetry to the streets–edgier, free, raw and less confined by the constraints the academia demanded. You can still find traces of the beat movement in the small coffee shops and art centers tucked in quiet corners of cities all over the world.

What exactly is a broadside? In a nutshell, it’s a sheet of paper with art and words. It’s commonly used in bookstores for displaying original poetry & artwork, and it can either be handcrafted & posted on bulletin boards at will…or it can also be a broadside including the words of a famous poet and/or artist for a cost. Most coffeehouses, libraries & bookstores have a bulletin board where you can post a broadside for the world (or at least your community) to see.

A smaller version of the broadside is a poetry bookmark. You can download free poetry bookmarks found on the internet, or get inspired to make one of your own with your favorite, original or found poem! If you want to pay-it-forward, slip a poetry bookmark into the next library book return.

Art, film, books, poetry, music, dance–all of these are meant to inspire you in a beautiful and meaningful ways. May you be broadsided by the arts in an inspiring way today and every day.


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Big A, Little A, What Begins with A?



Aunt Annie’s Alligator, A…a…A.

Actually, all sorts of writerly fun is going on in April! I’ve been assigned to a very quiet cabin at Camp NaNoWriMo, so I should be able to get oodles of writing done! This is a good thing because April is also National Poetry Month. Each day I will honor National Poetry Month with some sort of poetic justice. Not only am I attempting 25,000 words for my Camp NaNo project, celebrating National Poetry Month, but…

I also signed up for the A to Z Blog Challenge, which might seem insane, but well…I never have made any formal declarations regarding my sanity or lack thereof. Since today is brought to you by the Letter A, I will share some fun tidbits with you!


  1. A to Z Blog Challenge became a hit in 2010 due to a random blog post by the organizer, challenging her followers to blog every day in April except Sundays, using a different letter of the alphabet each day as the theme. She got tremendous support and feedback, and when I signed up at the eleventh hour of 2013, I became Blog Entry #1673. I kept seeing my writerly friends tweeting #atozchallenge and there were so many of them, I became intrigued. I was already planning a bunch of posts to show how I was honoring National Poetry Month because I needed an excuse to blog!

  2. Ann is my middle name. It’s a family tradition. My grandma, who was named Aracelia, gave her name to my mother as her middle name (Anny Aracely). My mother gave her name to me in the same fashion (Cheryl Ann–only bill collectors call me Cheryl, by the way). In turn, I gave my name to my daughter (Jolie Cherie). She’s engaged to a wonderful guy…I wonder if she’ll carry on the tradition.

  3. Asparagus is my favorite vegetable. Especially wrapped in Bacon. Mmmmmm. I’ve been low-carbing since January…so far I’ve lost 19 pounds! 14 more to go…I can do this! Bring on the asparagus!!

  4. Abecedarian – A poetic form using alphabetic order to guide the beginning of each line or stanza. (Great example here.)

  5. Acrostic – Another poetic form, a cousin to the abecedarian, if you will, in which the beginning of each line, when read top to bottom will spell out the theme of the poem. Write your own acrostic poem using your name at this fun website.

So many more “A”-listed writing tools to talk about, but I shall save them for another post. Ah, fare-thee-well for now, my amiable friends, Allegory, Alliteration & Analogy!


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